These are the 4 photos of Uranium, I chose to do this for my image post because of my sister (secondary 3) who really enjoys the periodic table and the elements. Being a nuclear waste cleaner is actually a job she might become! In the photos I have the image for uranium on the periodic table, i have 2 pictures of uranium and the electron shield of uranium

My Science Fair Project! (Yay!)


I found these experiments from these 3 books.

| Roller Coaster Science | Science Express | Amazing Science Experiments |

1.                                                                                                                                                                I chose the “An Uplifting Experience” project because it looked very interesting; in this project you have 2 wine glasses and a ball. Once you set it up you have to blow into the glass with the ball in it and the ball will scale the side and if a glass is in front of it, it will fall into the cup. (Page 32 in Science Express) Continue reading My Science Fair Project! (Yay!)



It is one of the days in the Islamic calendar were fasting is not allowed. During the month of Ramezan Muslims do not drink, eat from sunrise to sunset. During Ramezan the fast MUST be ended at sunset each day.

They also avoid lying, fighting and speaking badly of others. It is customary for Iranians to stay in their homes on the eve of Eid-E-Fetr. During the event Iranians greet each other with “Eid-E-Fetr morbak” This phrase is said because it wishes the other person a happy Eid-E-Fetr. It also teaches the Muslims to stop thinking of world problems and to take their time thanking the Lord. The night before Eid-E-Fetr every Iranian is expected to give fetrieh, a donation to the poor. Eid-E-Fetr is the last day of Ramezan in Iran. Ramezan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Eid-E-Fetr is the first day of the following month and is widely celebrated.

Quick Facts!

You are not allowed to fast during Eid E Fetr. Gifts are frequently given to children, the name of these gifts is Eidi. Eid E Fetr is also known by the name Eid Al Fitr. This is festival is a Muslim tradition.

Elena Online essentially had the same festival as mine but with some variations, instead of eating on the festival you had to fast all day. A similarity is that kids and pregnant women don’t have to fast at all during the month. I found this very interesting because the names also were very similar, the name of her festival she chose was Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Eid-E-Fetr picture

Montmorency Falls Legend | Edublog Challenge 3

Montmorency Falls is a waterfall that the lady in white committed suicide in.

This is the legend of Montmorency Falls! (Disclaimer, this story is not yet confirmed to be true!)

The falls look like the Lady in White’s white dress.

Her legend involved a love story; she was engaged with a young soldier who lost his life at war during a battle in 1759, after this she suffered tremendous grief because of her loss. After this she also called the young soldiers name in a vain hope that he may return, after a year of doing this the lady got dressed in her wedding gown and committed suicide by jumping off into the falls, after this her body was never recovered.Monmntadasds

This story was kind of good but after further inspection it’s really obvious that it is a fake, how do they know she jumped off if they don’t know where her body is? I’m sure that if anyone saw someone commit suicide into the water from jumping they would look for the body to see if they survived, so that would mean the person who saw her jumping walked to the police department so the police could find the body the next day, but by then the body has probably slowly drifted away then sank very far from where it supposedly happened, and maybe the person killed her and put her far in the ocean just to get the police busy and do some other crime! I wanted to do this post because I was looking for a post of this on google and no one had posted about it!

Photo Credit: Bob Online

NFL players are… going “crazy”?????!!!!!

Should Athletes who behave badly in their private lives be punished professionally?


I think they should if the sport they play trains them to get their strength, like in the NFL were they train people to be in the team. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson should be punished highly for what they did, Ray Rice knocked out his wife in an elevator and Adrian Peterson whipped his child with a stick. Even if these things had nothing to do with NFL, NFL still had a contribution on it, I’m not saying that it’s the NFL’s fault I’m saying that the NFL trained Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson to get strength and both of them abused it. I know you can’t take someone’s strength away but you can take their job away, personally I would have kicked them out for this because the NFL gave them the strength they have now and they are abusing it.

I know people would be mad if the NFL kicked them out but it would give a message to the 2 players: Don’t abuse your powers or it will have professional consequences especially if you were trained to have that strength.

This is what my fellow students have told me while we were in the cafeteria. Paul’s idea on if they should be punished was if Ray and Adrian get mad they might beat up another NFL player. Roxy thinks the police should choose if they continue playing in the NFL. I am for Paul’s idea because it is basically my idea and I am not for Roxy’s idea because the police is not in charge of NFL they should only punish for the crime they did.

But the bigger question is would be punishing professionally if they are violent for a non-sport job. So to know we need a scenario. Ok, let’s say you are a cashier, if you were a cashier and you were violent, you would be fired, which is obvious since a cashier is with people all the time. Another scenario is a chef; this would also be professionally punished because they could spit in the people’s food. So my personal answers are they should be professionally punished and probably take anger management.

Personally I have a small clue on to why kids bully but I am clueless when it comes to adult bullying! I’m not saying I don’t understand it but why do adults need to bring the bullying? But I do know why NFL players bully and it is completely their fault, what I’m trying to say is that if NFL players don’t take care of their strength they get and “take a chill pill” after playing these types of things will happen! It’s technically like me! Since I have ADHD I have to take a pill for it (some weird name for the pill) every morning! But with that one out of the way I think that I’ve made a pretty good point!

Beatrice said they shouldn’t be punished professionally because if someone who wasn’t famous did it they would not be punished professionally.

In conclusion I still think that Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson should be punished professionally because after talking with the others I still thought that Ray and Adrian were abusing their strength!!!

School! | Edublogs Challenge 2

Ok! I know this is an odd post but I’ve got something to say, while looking at the blog list on Allthingsquebec. I found a particular blog named Tarah’s Blog! It is a blog all about school and sports! As you all know I don’t do sports, I’ve kind of made a soft spot when it comes to kicking a ball!  But I hope you go to this blog! I like this blog because it has things about basketball, basket ball is one of my favorite sports! The reason I recommend you to go to this blog is because it has a lot of informative things like how to do a horse shoe! I really hope you all check out this awesome blog because it is a very fun interesting blog!Basket ball

Comic Con


Yesterday I went to Comic Con. It was fun obviously but… it was VERY crowded.

I was always being pushed! I got a lot of things. My favorite thing I got was a collector’s gravity gun from Half-Life 2. It’s basically a gun that picks things up then shoots them (Not bullets, it shoots objects).Gravity gun

I also got a turret from Portal 2. I also got a colossal titan (Attack on titan) plushie.