Im back for normal posts!

And with a game for you to play

Presentable Liberty

Hey! It’s me, Bob! Sorry for not posting my usual stuff, we just have a lot of work to get ready for the exams. But that’s beside the point, I’m back to normal (if you call my posts normal) posts! So anyways recently I have been on a spree of new games, I don’t know why! I must’ve gotten 5 games since late January! Ok focus Bob… focus. One of the highlights of my spree is that I get new exciting content every one! The favorite game I got during my spree is Town of Salem; it’s a really good game for a small price! It’s a game were you have your town of people and either team must eliminate the baddies/townies to win! My favorite part is that if you have a lead on someone you can either stay quiet r tell everyone and everyday there is a vote to lynch someone! I also have another thing to tell you, I cried (not badly just a tad bit) because one of my games (which is free on Game Jolt) Presentable Liberty, I don’t want to spoil it because I think you would really enjoy it, if you don’t like emotional games you shouldn’t play it, but I love how the game just messes with you and makes you sad how the characters develop and become a friend to you in the world (just my opinion in how I felt).

You can download it at Game Jolts top rated games section at your parents discretion because this game does have some blood in it.

Photo Credit: Wertpol (Creator of Presentable Liberty and the game “box art”)

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth | Tips n’ Tricks week 1|

Hi! It’s Bob and I wanted to tell you that I am now on my way for the real platinum god achievement in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Get all items and unlock everything). My first obstacles were to get the… wait a minute! I need to tell you something, SPOILERS!

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The Binding Of Isaac: REBIRTH

Hey! It’s me Bob again, I just  wanted to tell you that on the weekend the game I have been waiting for 2-3 years has FINALLY came out, the game is… The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I cannot describe how excited I was when I was on the steam store and then stumbled upon the NEW GAMES section I saw the first game and said “Am I awake? I-I-It can’t be! MUM! I NEED MONEY FOR STEAM!” The good thing was that I had a Steam gift card and my Mum brought it to me. I then quickly proceeded to insert the code for the money getting 50 dollars total on my steam account, then I rushed towards the store again and bought that game, opening up the game after I let it download (20 minutes) was like being able to fly for me.  I owe a lot to this game, it is me! It was the sole purpose I actually got steam! The Binding of Isaac is the game that made me, me. Ok! Enough explaining how much this game changed my life. The game is the first one but not made with flash and about 150 new items and a few (Lot more) characters. I might also mention the soundtrack; it is literally the best soundtrack I have EVER heard in my entire life. The funny thing is that it’s just instruments and quite a lot of variety in the styles. It’s basically a different song for each floor and a boss song. At the time of when I bought this game I was chatting with my friend Captpicard (Steam name. I know him in real life and I know his real name but its secret!) And I just got the game to load and this is what I said “Such… Such good music!!!” like I was explaining and explaining for at least 20 minutes how good this music was, and it really was good! By the time I post this I will have bought the soundtrack from the steam store! Anyways enough of the chat about the soundtrack!

So if you don’t know what this game then I will tell you! Son in the game there is a lot, and I mean a lot of Christian references. In fact, I learned a lot of Christianity in my duration of playing this game! So in the game the mom and her son, Isaac, were sitting in their house. The mom was watching Christian television and she heard the voice of god, god said to her “Your son has done sins take his toys away” and stuff. Then he mom hears god again, god says “You’ve done well, but still he has sins in him! Lock him in his room!” Finally god asks the mom one more thing, god says “You’ve done all I ask but still Isaac has done sins and you must rid of his sins in this world by putting him down.” That is what they tell you at the start of the game. I won’t say anymore because of spoilers! So at the end of the day I just want to say that you should definitely buy this game on steam or on PS4.

Photo Credit: Bob Online

The Sims 4

The-Sims-4-release-dateOk! I just bought the Sims 4 and it is AWESOME!!!


I just loved making my character and also making my house! But most of all using the best new cheat there is, the Shift ] & [ to resize, IS SO FUNNY!

I can’t tell you how much fun i had just messing with that! But I was using it to make my plasma tv larger too! My house I currently have is about 4 stories; the funny thing is that I’m currently trying to get more floors right now!

Well what I’m trying to say is The Sims 4 is awesome! But one thing I must go off topic for is that 1.I am hopefully going to get paint tool Sai working on my school laptop (kind of like Photoshop but much easier). And 2. This post won’t be as long as my normal posts (watch me jinx myself :P) because out of all my computers I own (3) the one I use the most doesn’t have Microsoft word and I hate I repeat HATE notepad!

But anyways… the reason I love the Sims franchise is well sometimes what they say is funny (I don’t understand it Its just what I am hearing). One of the funniest things my Sim ever said was “Chom Booby Pazzel”! I know right! What kind of word is that??!!?

But in the end what I am trying to say is GET THE SIMS 4!!!!!!

The life of Freddy Fazbear *Ooops I mean Night watchman!*

The life of Freddy Fazbear the night watchman


One day in the factory 4 animatronics were being made. They were to be shipped to the company Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was a kids pizza place were fun is shared all around, the animatronics were allowed to roam around the building, well until the bite of 87. Continue reading The life of Freddy Fazbear *Ooops I mean Night watchman!*



I play my computer most of the time. I like playing computer most of my time because I really like my game called TF2, TF2 is a game with an item system. The item system works by every 60 minutes of playing you get an item. You can only get 7 items in a week, there is another mechanic of gambling, this gambling mechanic is unboxing, and there are a lot of different crate series. Continue reading TF2

Python Guide

Pythonguide picture

Python Guide

By Bob

First of all open Python. Make a new project by going into file, then click new file. Now that this is done I will show you the most basic commands of Python and what they do. (If the things I show you here don’t work it is probably because you don’t have my version of Python, the version of my Python is 2.7.6).

Print: If this code is working it should be a light orange. Print is a text of programming in which lets you print things. This text can be used like this: Print “Hello ”+name “I hope you’re having a nice “+day”.”. This is using variables and Raw_Input. This is a text of coding that is used in every written coding for Python.

“” : Ok so this is an extremely important text of code. To make its effects work it must be associated with print and if you want it to say “So hi ”+Name“.” You will need variables.

Raw_Input: Use with variables like this: name “What is your name?” raw_input. This code text is used for users input.

Variables: Variables are used for complex code writing. Here is how one is used:

Name “What is your name?” raw_input

Print “So your name is ”+name”!”

A variable can be used for making the program say things you have written in raw_input.

These were all of the basic codes for Python. But still there are hundreds more! Comment if you want more!!!! Bye! But wait. I will show you my most advanced program I wrote.

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Pixel Mon

Today I will be talking about a Minecraft mod called Pixelmon. It is basically Pokémon in Minecraft. I play in an online server. The 3 Pokémon I use are Charizard, Pikachu and drifblim. Charizard is my starting Pokémon. I chose him because his overpowered attack dragon rage. When Charmander evolves into Charmeleon he learns dragon rage. The 3 evolutions are:

  1. Charmander
  2. Charmeleon
  3. Charizard

When I caught my Pikachu my Charmeleon was level 27, I could have made the Pikachu faint if I hit him one more time. The Pikachu I got was a level 43. After that I fought a level 100 Gyrados. I used my Pikachu’s paralyze attack, after that I used dragon rage to defeat him. I caught my Drifblim by hitting him with my Pikachu until he was low enough to catch.Pikachu-2



Super Isaac Craft

Super meat boyIsaacMinecraft

This is a game I would want to make; it would be a mix of Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac and Minecraft. The game would be called Super Isaac Craft. At the beginning of the game you would spawn in a room, it would have 2 enemies, the enemies would be a Caterpillar and a worm, in this part of the game you would be tiny, after beating them you would have to go through ten stages of hard platform jumps, then you would all the time die at the last jump in the tenth stage, you would then go to a room and have to beat the floors until you get to the boss, the boss would be named Vial-Meal-Zeal-Pail-Dial-Gail. He will eat your face and slap you. Once you beat him you will need to Craft the next difficulty by getting the materials. The next mode would be meatium mode; this mode is about plat forming. The whole time would be doing wall jumps. When this mode is beaten there would be one last mode. This mode is hell mode. In hell mode it plays out like the first mode about everything is harder. It multiplies everything that isn’t the characters characteristics by 10 and the player’s characteristics taken away by 10.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these 3 games, I did not make Minecraft, The Binding Of Isaac or super meat boy

Minecraft Release

MojangLogoPhilippeBobToday I will be talking about an important Minecraft update and when Minecraft was fully released. It was started first in 2003 as a free game. As of 2010 the game has been a game that you would have to buy. This game caused alot of hype when we were all waiting for the most notorious update that would come ever, the adventure update.

This update caused so much hype it was unbelievable, seeing how it was an extremely important update. The game was released in 18th November 2011 by the creator Notch.


Photo Credit: Mojang AB