How my blog is going

And a bit of story time about me 🙂

During my time of blogging I improved my writing skills in the way that I can write hundreds and hundreds of words without even thinking about it, this improved my writing a lot, those little stories I made of the “life of random name” things took me merely 15 minutes each, and 5 of the minutes was spent making the actual picture.

After I graduate from elementary I will be changing pace and move to my 2nd blog, BrotherDoesART. Im doing this because I feel like this blog is kind of “dying” and I think it would help my blog a lot if I changed it, when I change it I will not only do art but do all the sort of stuff I used to do on here but I will make a beautiful addition of photography by me, I want to do this because I love taking photos, I have a professional camera called the cannon rebel, anyways I am kind of getting off track.

When I started blogging all my posts were moderately long of 400-500 word post, my posts started to be longer when I published my Minecraft guide a while back, after that I had tripled the speed of my typing so I could write that guide post in 30 minutes (I know it is great math). My main things I liked writing about is gaming, I love writing about gaming because it is something I do everyday of my life, I first started gaming when I was just 3 I was obsessed with things like the DS and the Wii, my favorite game I would play is at my moms friends house and we played old school MK (mortal kombat), I was always a Raiden pro. Anyways… wow I just noticed how much I say “anyways” on this blog, anyways 🙂

See you in the next post! 🙂


Some news

Hey guys! I’m back to make some more posts, if you have been following my art blog recently then you would know I haven’t been posting anything, the reason of this is cause I was writing a long story and when I came back after  a week of leaving the file away­ and not opening it and it got corrupt, so anyways I just wanted to make this post to tell you I am coming back to work on both blogs again.

My Old English Bulldog!


Hello everyone! This is my Old English Bulldog named Grissom.



Since I got 7 comments on the “If I were to make a planet…” post I decided to show you my dog! He is only 3 years old and is really big! This is the Old English Bulldogs full size of growth, unlike most Bull Dogs at age one they are very large, if you ever saw a photo of a normal bulldog well he is much bigger than that at age one! He is a very nice dog who loves to sleep and eat, one problem though is that you actually have to convince him to go outside to do his business! He drools, sheds a lot and gets in our way very often but we still love him because he is so cute! He also protects us. Since he isn’t allowed upstairs we is allowed in the basement and the first floor. I sleep in the basement and every night he comes in my room snoops around to check if I’m ok.

Do you have any pets? If so comment down below! If not do you want one. what species?