My Old English Bulldog!


Hello everyone! This is my Old English Bulldog named Grissom.



Since I got 7 comments on the “If I were to make a planet…” post I decided to show you my dog! He is only 3 years old and is really big! This is the Old English Bulldogs full size of growth, unlike most Bull Dogs at age one they are very large, if you ever saw a photo of a normal bulldog well he is much bigger than that at age one! He is a very nice dog who loves to sleep and eat, one problem though is that you actually have to convince him to go outside to do his business! He drools, sheds a lot and gets in our way very often but we still love him because he is so cute! He also protects us. Since he isn’t allowed upstairs we is allowed in the basement and the first floor. I sleep in the basement and every night he comes in my room snoops around to check if I’m ok.

Do you have any pets? If so comment down below! If not do you want one. what species?





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