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Best Student Blog

Hey you! It’s me Bob… again! I just wanted to tell you that you NEED to check out Paul’s blog! His main interest is skateboarding but that’s not all he does! He does whole bunch real life things! He is basically like a skate boarding news reporter! So if you want some cool facts about skateboarding or news about the real world check him out here! Anyways, you really need to check out this blog because it is filled with awesome! If I had to rate it from 1 to 10 I would rate it 21! So when you have the time to look at a blog do check his blog out! Even if you’re making your banana army (I tend to do this) you need to stop and check out Paul’s blog.

Best New Student Blog

I nominate Edward for the best new student blog. I nominate him because he has a lot of variety in his posts. On his blog he has a lot of opinions on a lot of things. The reason I say he has a lot of variety is because he does opinions about the real life opinions and gaming opinions. One of my favorite posts he made was the one about the superhero; I liked this one because people can be ignorant sometimes. Yeah it might be easy because you won’t need a car to pay for if you can fly but you always have to help people! After a while you get a bit tired after saving so many lives! Check him out here!




4 thoughts on “Edublog Nomination”

    1. Thank you Edward! I really think you should get the best new blog because you really have progressed in your blogging since you’ve started!

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