How my blog is going

And a bit of story time about me 🙂

During my time of blogging I improved my writing skills in the way that I can write hundreds and hundreds of words without even thinking about it, this improved my writing a lot, those little stories I made of the “life of random name” things took me merely 15 minutes each, and 5 of the minutes was spent making the actual picture.

After I graduate from elementary I will be changing pace and move to my 2nd blog, BrotherDoesART. Im doing this because I feel like this blog is kind of “dying” and I think it would help my blog a lot if I changed it, when I change it I will not only do art but do all the sort of stuff I used to do on here but I will make a beautiful addition of photography by me, I want to do this because I love taking photos, I have a professional camera called the cannon rebel, anyways I am kind of getting off track.

When I started blogging all my posts were moderately long of 400-500 word post, my posts started to be longer when I published my Minecraft guide a while back, after that I had tripled the speed of my typing so I could write that guide post in 30 minutes (I know it is great math). My main things I liked writing about is gaming, I love writing about gaming because it is something I do everyday of my life, I first started gaming when I was just 3 I was obsessed with things like the DS and the Wii, my favorite game I would play is at my moms friends house and we played old school MK (mortal kombat), I was always a Raiden pro. Anyways… wow I just noticed how much I say “anyways” on this blog, anyways 🙂

See you in the next post! 🙂


Some news

Hey guys! I’m back to make some more posts, if you have been following my art blog recently then you would know I haven’t been posting anything, the reason of this is cause I was writing a long story and when I came back after  a week of leaving the file away­ and not opening it and it got corrupt, so anyways I just wanted to make this post to tell you I am coming back to work on both blogs again.

New stuff with my science!

I have gotten my materials and variables of the cardboard and the marble*. I have my board which I am keeping at my house, I am keeping it at my house because I have a lot of recourses like Photoshop, Illustrator and a color printer. *I have brought my materials too school to collect the data. My variables for the marble is: a bouncy balls, a hot wheel and a lego brick, and for the card board variables I have a plastic canvas and a cardboard with a smooth side and a rough side.

Later when I am at home today I will get the finished copy f my hypothesis and my procedure. At school tomorrow I will be taking notes of the experiment to create my data draft. Later that night I will get the finished copy of the draft done with photoshop.

The Marble of INERTIA!!! To do list!

This is my to do list for the science fair project I am doing on inertia.

What I will do for the materials

I will use my cup as the jar.

I will use a Lego brick as the marble.

Since we moved we had A LOT of cardboard boxes so I will use one of the boxes for the cardboard.


I will do all the work at home because on my mom’s computer she has Photoshop and Illustrator, I think I will be done the board one week before the fair (19th of March). I will get the experiment done by the weekend (14th and 15th of March).

My Old English Bulldog!


Hello everyone! This is my Old English Bulldog named Grissom.



Since I got 7 comments on the “If I were to make a planet…” post I decided to show you my dog! He is only 3 years old and is really big! This is the Old English Bulldogs full size of growth, unlike most Bull Dogs at age one they are very large, if you ever saw a photo of a normal bulldog well he is much bigger than that at age one! He is a very nice dog who loves to sleep and eat, one problem though is that you actually have to convince him to go outside to do his business! He drools, sheds a lot and gets in our way very often but we still love him because he is so cute! He also protects us. Since he isn’t allowed upstairs we is allowed in the basement and the first floor. I sleep in the basement and every night he comes in my room snoops around to check if I’m ok.

Do you have any pets? If so comment down below! If not do you want one. what species?






These are the 4 photos of Uranium, I chose to do this for my image post because of my sister (secondary 3) who really enjoys the periodic table and the elements. Being a nuclear waste cleaner is actually a job she might become! In the photos I have the image for uranium on the periodic table, i have 2 pictures of uranium and the electron shield of uranium

Bull Dogeigia



Ideas in one short paragraph

If I were to make a planet I would call it Bull Dogeigia (Boh-ll doh-g-e-ah). I would call it Bull Dogeigia because I love bull dogs! I even have one at my home! Anyways the main species in this planet would obviously be bull dogs, the bull dogs would get there nutrition from eating the dirt, the dirt in this planet would be made up of dog food and dog biscuits. They would drink the red water which would be special water only found in Bull Dogeigia that would contain a lot of nutrients.

Bull Dogeigia

Species: Bull Dogs

The bull dogs wouldn’t be earth bull dogs though, because of the atmosphere in Bull Dogeigia it would set off some wibbily wobbly timey wimey stuff that makes them talk! Anyways these bulldogs would get nutrients from the orange dirt which is full of dog treats and dog food! They would get hydrated by drinking the nutritious red water. They would be extremely intelligent and a famous hobby of the race would be skateboarding!

Bull dog


The landscape of Bull Dogeigia would be smooth ground and some hills, great for bulldogs to make concrete to skate on!

Moons and Time

The surrounding of Bull Dogeigia would have 2 moons: Grissom and Daisy. The names of these moons are inspired by the leaders of Bull Dogeigia, Grissom and Daisy (Not queen and king). One day would be 23 hours and 59 minutes.


Im back for normal posts!

And with a game for you to play

Presentable Liberty

Hey! It’s me, Bob! Sorry for not posting my usual stuff, we just have a lot of work to get ready for the exams. But that’s beside the point, I’m back to normal (if you call my posts normal) posts! So anyways recently I have been on a spree of new games, I don’t know why! I must’ve gotten 5 games since late January! Ok focus Bob… focus. One of the highlights of my spree is that I get new exciting content every one! The favorite game I got during my spree is Town of Salem; it’s a really good game for a small price! It’s a game were you have your town of people and either team must eliminate the baddies/townies to win! My favorite part is that if you have a lead on someone you can either stay quiet r tell everyone and everyday there is a vote to lynch someone! I also have another thing to tell you, I cried (not badly just a tad bit) because one of my games (which is free on Game Jolt) Presentable Liberty, I don’t want to spoil it because I think you would really enjoy it, if you don’t like emotional games you shouldn’t play it, but I love how the game just messes with you and makes you sad how the characters develop and become a friend to you in the world (just my opinion in how I felt).

You can download it at Game Jolts top rated games section at your parents discretion because this game does have some blood in it.

Photo Credit: Wertpol (Creator of Presentable Liberty and the game “box art”)

The Nightmare At School

Thing of thing nightmatre







In this short film the main character’s first fear is that he think he might get lost in the school, my proof for this is that in his nightmare the school is very confusing with the stairs going in weird directions some even being upside down.

Another thing the protagonist is afraid of is that he is afraid his workload will get larger than he is; my proof is when he walks up the stairs at the start he is getting smaller until the work is bigger than him.

The last thing I noticed that he is afraid that he checks his school project constantly and is doubting that his work is par with the others students projects.

Surrealism is art depicted in a semi realistic way with very unrealistic twists placed into it, let’s say that you made an animation f a child being the lead actor for a play and he is much stressed, first you would get the concept down realistically then plot down a bunch of unrealistic things into it. A good example of this is in the beginning of the film where the protagonist has to get to class but the pillars are shifting around which is another symbol of the protagonist being afraid he might get lost. The reason that scene is very surrealistic  is that you wouldn’t expect this to happen in the real world but they gave something realistic like the pillars and gave it a twist, you would never see this but there is still a semi realistic feel around the artwork hence the name surrealism, surrounding realism.