Minecraft Release

MojangLogoPhilippeBobToday I will be talking about an important Minecraft update and when Minecraft was fully released. It was started first in 2003 as a free game. As of 2010 the game has been a game that you would have to buy. This game caused alot of hype when we were all waiting for the most notorious update that would come ever, the adventure update.

This update caused so much hype it was unbelievable, seeing how it was an extremely important update. The game was released in 18th November 2011 by the creator Notch.


Photo Credit: Mojang AB


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Minecraft April Fools

MinecraftComicPhilippeBobPiglu: Brotherblox101 you there?

Piglu: Hello?

Brotherblox101: He- he-llo?

Piglu: You’re awake!

Brotherblox101: Yes I am I think.

Piglu: You probably don’t remember but 20 years ago the tree house burnt and you didn’t survive.

Brotherblox101: Then how am I alive now?

Piglu: I discombobulated your body.

Brotherblox101: Where are we anyways?

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Minecraft Guide

Phillipe Bob Minecraft Guide for Noobs

If you are a noob at Minecraft then this is the post that you should read.

In Minecraft the first thing you must do is to get some wood, get at least 10 logs of wood.

Once you have ten logs go into your inventory and drag the logs into the 2×2 square.

After you have some logs craft a crafting table in your inventory, put 4 wood planks in the 2×2 square.

Once this is done you must place the crafting bench down. After you have to make sticks for tools, put 2 logs on top of each other. Then you need to put 2 sticks one in the middle and one in the middle bottom then put 3 wood planks on the top. Then make the sticks in the place and put 3 wood planks in the shape of an axe. Then to make a sword you put 1 stick at the bottom and then put 2 wood planks on the top and middle. Then with the remaining wood, place down the wood and make a house. After go into your crafting table and put six wooden planks, 3 up and then another 3 up. Once you have your door place down the door on your house. If you are in hard mode zombies will be able to break your

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My Epic Computer

If you’re like me and love gaming then check out my overpowered computer! I would Philippe Bob image 1 computer frontlike to introduce you to my Asus Tytan ROG CG8890 gaming superweapon. Fun fact is that this beastly computer weighs 24kg, and I weigh 25! It runs on Windows 8 and has the second generation Intel Core i7 extreme processor. It can hold up to 4 screens and has a 10 way liquid cooling system to conquer the heat most computers couldn’t handle, at the touch of a button the chassey automatically opens its top and side doors to reveal fans and lets out the hot air. If you’re looking for a new gaming computer, I highly recommend this ultimate gaming computer.


Photo Credit: Bob Online

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Lego Obsession!

My dad collects Star Wars stuff. He collects Lego, mini figures, special edition consoles Star Wars Philippe Bob(R2D2 Xbox 360 and Darth Vader Kinect) and replicas. He has all the movies and the “unofficial” movies. He collects more Lego Star Wars then anything though, He has every and I mean EVERY Star Wars Lego set. He buys more than one of most Lego sets he buys, which I find weird.

So, how much Lego do you think is in this photo!?

Who ever finds out will get… umm… Oh yeah! Who ever finds out how much lego is in this photo gets to stare at this photo more! :P



Photo Credit: Bob Online

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