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Hey you! It’s me Bob… again! I just wanted to tell you that you NEED to check out Paul’s blog! His main interest is skateboarding but that’s not all he does! He does whole bunch real life things! He is basically like a skate boarding news reporter! So if you want some cool facts about skateboarding or news about the real world check him out here! Anyways, you really need to check out this blog because it is filled with awesome! If I had to rate it from 1 to 10 I would rate it 21! So when you have the time to look at a blog do check his blog out! Even if you’re making your banana army (I tend to do this) you need to stop and check out Paul’s blog.

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The Binding Of Isaac: REBIRTH

Hey! It’s me Bob again, I just  wanted to tell you that on the weekend the game I have been waiting for 2-3 years has FINALLY came out, the game is… The Binding of Isaac Rebirth, I cannot describe how excited I was when I was on the steam store and then stumbled upon the NEW GAMES section I saw the first game and said “Am I awake? I-I-It can’t be! MUM! I NEED MONEY FOR STEAM!” The good thing was that I had a Steam gift card and my Mum brought it to me. I then quickly proceeded to insert the code for the money getting 50 dollars total on my steam account, then I rushed towards the store again and bought that game, opening up the game after I let it download (20 minutes) was like being able to fly for me.  I owe a lot to this game, it is me! It was the sole purpose I actually got steam! The Binding of Isaac is the game that made me, me. Ok! Enough explaining how much this game changed my life. The game is the first one but not made with flash and about 150 new items and a few (Lot more) characters. I might also mention the soundtrack; it is literally the best soundtrack I have EVER heard in my entire life. The funny thing is that it’s just instruments and quite a lot of variety in the styles. It’s basically a different song for each floor and a boss song. At the time of when I bought this game I was chatting with my friend Captpicard (Steam name. I know him in real life and I know his real name but its secret!) And I just got the game to load and this is what I said “Such… Such good music!!!” like I was explaining and explaining for at least 20 minutes how good this music was, and it really was good! By the time I post this I will have bought the soundtrack from the steam store! Anyways enough of the chat about the soundtrack!

So if you don’t know what this game then I will tell you! Son in the game there is a lot, and I mean a lot of Christian references. In fact, I learned a lot of Christianity in my duration of playing this game! So in the game the mom and her son, Isaac, were sitting in their house. The mom was watching Christian television and she heard the voice of god, god said to her “Your son has done sins take his toys away” and stuff. Then he mom hears god again, god says “You’ve done well, but still he has sins in him! Lock him in his room!” Finally god asks the mom one more thing, god says “You’ve done all I ask but still Isaac has done sins and you must rid of his sins in this world by putting him down.” That is what they tell you at the start of the game. I won’t say anymore because of spoilers! So at the end of the day I just want to say that you should definitely buy this game on steam or on PS4.

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My Ideal Schools

The ideal school for me would be a technical school; the school would be 6 hours of coding and other technical things, I would like this because I am a very, very technical person.  Another activity in this school would be learning how to use Photoshop and Illustrator. This could help me in my life because I want to make YouTube videos and I will be using Photoshop and Illustrator a lot for making a thumbnail picture for the video. In this school the test to get in would be making a simple program in python.


My second ideal school would be an art school. I would go to this school because I love drawing. This would also help me with my life to become a YouTuber because it would let me make my own thumbnails for the videos.

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My Independent Project!

HEY! Its Bob and I would like to inform to you that I am doing a independent project! What I am doing is drawing different styles of games! It will consist of basically me drawing different games styles like if its a FPS it will be in a first person POV.

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My New BLOG!

Hey guys, and girls! Its Bob and I wanted to say that you should check out my NEW BLOG! The link is here. The name of my blog is BrotherDoesART, if you check it out comment what you think I should draw next!

Pic for thing of thing of thing

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Bronxy’s Cyber Bully Experience on Skype

Good manners comic

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It is one of the days in the Islamic calendar were fasting is not allowed. During the month of Ramezan Muslims do not drink, eat from sunrise to sunset. During Ramezan the fast MUST be ended at sunset each day.

They also avoid lying, fighting and speaking badly of others. It is customary for Iranians to stay in their homes on the eve of Eid-E-Fetr. During the event Iranians greet each other with “Eid-E-Fetr morbak” This phrase is said because it wishes the other person a happy Eid-E-Fetr. It also teaches the Muslims to stop thinking of world problems and to take their time thanking the Lord. The night before Eid-E-Fetr every Iranian is expected to give fetrieh, a donation to the poor. Eid-E-Fetr is the last day of Ramezan in Iran. Ramezan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Eid-E-Fetr is the first day of the following month and is widely celebrated.


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Eid-E-Fetr picture

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Dogtastic Fun Comic & Boat Adventures Comic | Funny Comics |Edublogs Challenge 5

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Play And Rest Pt. 2 | Blog Action Day | Edublog Challenge 4

Many places and families in the world don’t allow children to play; this is bad because the children don’t have friends when they go to school!

If you haven’t seen part 1 click HERE


Play can be bad because sometimes play can be rough and rough play ends up in someone getting hurt or even breaking a bone.

Play can lead to a fight and in some cases ruin a friendship.

Play can sometimes lead to sexism by not letting another sex playing with you. (Example: A boy does not let a girl play with him)

Play can start bullying if the person isn’t good at the game.

If you are not careful while playing you could hurt someone by mistake.

But still we need to play nicely and STOP bullying!

Philippe Toth Rest bad rest  picture


If you oversleep you could have a headache.

If you sleep to long you could miss a days’ worth of play.

You could have a dream where you feel like you’re awake in a nightmare.

If you move too much while sleeping in the morning you will be sore.



Link to Toms blog

Link to part one

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Montmorency Falls Legend | Edublog Challenge 3

Montmorency Falls is a waterfall that the lady in white committed suicide in.

This is the legend of Montmorency Falls! (Disclaimer, this story is not yet confirmed to be true!)

The falls look like the Lady in White’s white dress.

Her legend involved a love story; she was engaged with a young soldier who lost his life at war during a battle in 1759, after this she suffered tremendous grief because of her loss. After this she also called the young soldiers name in a vain hope that he may return, after a year of doing this the lady got dressed in her wedding gown and committed suicide by jumping off into the falls, after this her body was never recovered.Monmntadasds

This story was kind of good but after further inspection it’s really obvious that it is a fake, how do they know she jumped off if they don’t know where her body is? I’m sure that if anyone saw someone commit suicide into the water from jumping they would look for the body to see if they survived, so that would mean the person who saw her jumping walked to the police department so the police could find the body the next day, but by then the body has probably slowly drifted away then sank very far from where it supposedly happened, and maybe the person killed her and put her far in the ocean just to get the police busy and do some other crime! I wanted to do this post because I was looking for a post of this on google and no one had posted about it!

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