Zombie rap

When text is like this it means it is going really fast!

The Rap

 Zombie rappin

Yo, Yo, Yo.

Yeah, yeah I eat lime!

I found a dime in mah rhymes.

I tried to climb dah dime.

So I eat pineapples but I wanna eat people cause imma zombie!


Mah rhymes are slick and imma zombie!!!

Yeah, yeah I eat hammers!

Every time I see a hammer I wanna eat a person but I can’t because I won’t be accepted in the society no more!

I might smell like death because imma dead but don’t matter because my rhymes are sick and so is this song!

I don’t go the bathroom but I just go to the hospital every time I eat a hammer because I don’t think I should be eating hammers but if I don’t eat hammers  I will start to eat humans then be executed in front of da whole wide world!!!

I’m startin to feel like a rap zombie, rap zombie!

I’m startin to feel like a rap zombie, rap zombie!

I’m startin to feel like a rap zombie, rap zombie!

Oh noes! My mouths fallin off because I keep on rapping real fast!


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The life of Freddy Fazbear *Ooops I mean Night watchman!*

The life of Freddy Fazbear the night watchman


One day in the factory 4 animatronics were being made. They were to be shipped to the company Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was a kids pizza place were fun is shared all around, the animatronics were allowed to roam around the building, well until the bite of 87.

The 4 animatronics are Bonnie the Bunny, Chica, Foxy the Fox and Freddy Fazbear.Freddy and more

But this is my story so, let’s begin.

It was all a Sunday morning and I was looking for a job, I saw in the newspaper that there was a spot for night watchman at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. I didn’t want to get the job but I couldn’t find anything else, and we were desperate for the money, besides I could bring my son with me, he loves the place. I was wrong about this being a good opportunity for us.

My first day was on Monday I was quite excited, I told my son I would ask my boss if I could bring him tomorrow. As my boss was leaving the building I asked him, he said “My friend you are already in danger don’t put your son it too” as he shut the door. I went to my office and wondered what could go wrong?!

I got home at six and went to sleep; again I went to work and thought to me again “Nothing can go wrong I already shut the animatronics off! I checked on the stage my heart beat dropped then went up a 100 miles a second. I said were did Freddy go? I checked on the place again he was back but slowly turned his head. I was startled, in fact more than startled, it felt like I just had 4354534534534534545 heart attacks and survived! I was got a phone saying Foxy is more active if you don’t look at pirates cove enough. I checked Pirates Cove he was gone, as I quickly shut both doors he slammed on the doors, *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*.

To be continued…

Photo Credit: Bob online :)

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Comic Con


Yesterday I went to Comic Con. It was fun obviously but… it was VERY crowded.

I was always being pushed! I got a lot of things. My favorite thing I got was a collector’s gravity gun from Half-Life 2. It’s basically a gun that picks things up then shoots them (Not bullets, it shoots objects).Gravity gun

I also got a turret from Portal 2. I also got a colossal titan (Attack on titan) plushie.







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Summer break

Bob summer pic

This will be the last post for a while. Mainly because I am going on vacation the week after the end of school.

My posts wont be at a finish, but they will be kind of scarce. Well if I do get the same teacher next year I will be still writing posts and will bring back my laptop for writing posts.

One thing that I am very excited about is my birth day, mainly because I asked for a lot of things and hope to get them.

One thing I want is an Oculus rift (How ever you spell it :P). I don’t care if I have to get it in August because the Oculus rift is the coolest thing ever!!

I also want 3 more small flat screen televisions for my Asus computer!!!

I also wish to get my Asus laptop back because it has a big crack in the screen, it will probably be back during the summer.

Anyways, I am kind of excited to go to Disney land again, even though it will feel like the first time going and having a lot of fun.

This is mainly because of the rain storm. It was raining until the end of the vacation, which did suck.

Normally we go to a lot of places in the summer like last year when we went to England and France. I find England was way better.

 Anyways, I will probably will be outside a bit, but most of the time on the computer playing the best game ever, Rust.

So well I hope you have a fabu summer. :P

Comment what you will be doing on the summer!  

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A place I could never go




A place I would want to go to but never could go (without a Geiger counter) is Chernobyl. I would never be able to go here because as I am making this post they are making a dome around Chernobyl. Chernobyl is filled with radiation, not because it was bombed but because they were simulating a test and turned off the heater for 10 seconds but since the plant was already heated the nuclear plant exploded, everyone died there. Surprisingly there was only one horror movie about Chernobyl, it was called Chernobyl Diaries and it sucked. Just in case you didn’t know Chernobyl is pronounced Cher-Noble. If you went in you would need a Geiger counter, a Geiger counter is a radiation detector.

What place would you want to to but never could? comment on it!

Geiger Counter

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The Story Of Jimmy

Once upon a time a man named Jimmy was walking in the library.

He wanted to find a Super Hero book.

When he found it he went home.

He sat down and read the book.

He was eating his favorite chips, BBQ.

When he finished reading the book he saw a shooting star.

He wished he could be a Super hero.

The next day he was a Super hero.

He went to the store and saw a villain.

The villain said he would kill everyone, but Jimmy stopped him and defeated the villain.



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The Story Of John

Once upon a time a man named John was walking downtown.

John was looking for a skate board store.

John was mad because he was lost.

He screamed “Cha Cho Cha Cho Cha Cho.”

For no reason he magically walked up a wall.

When he got up he parachuted down landing in a no-gravity room, the room was giant.

He did some jumps and got out when he got out he found the skate board store he went in and found a golden skateboard, it was on sale!

It was selling for 10$.

When he bought the skateboard he was able to do any trick.

Story of john


Drawing: Bob Online

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The Story Of Bob

Once upon a time a man named Bob, Bob walked around.

He always looked for a secret tunnel.

But he simply could never find the tunnel.

But out of shear luck, Bob followed a duck into a secret tunnel!

Bob was so amazed when he looked around!

He explored around and found a funnel!

He then went to the store to see if he could sell it.

And the clerk said, it was $1,115,000.99.

Bob screamed “Yay!”.

Bob went home that night and said to his family “Were rich!”



What does Bob do with the money? Write in the comments because there is no right or wrong! 

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I play my computer most of the time. I like playing computer most of my time because I really like my game called TF2, TF2 is a game with an item system. The item system works by every 60 minutes of playing you get an item. You can only get 7 items in a week, there is another mechanic of gambling, this gambling mechanic is unboxing, and there are a lot of different crate series. There is a 1% chance of getting an unusual when uncrating, an unusual is an expensive hat. On May 10th 2014 I got my first unusual unbox. The hat was 5 buds, I was really happy because it was my first crate of 3 I was going to open, I used my key and to open it (obviously). 1 bud is 18 keys (Currently is 18 keys but price is going down quickly) and 1 key is 7.44 ref, a key can only be bought in the Mann co. Store. But anyways 1 bud is worth $34.72. My unusual is worth $173!!!

My steam profile

Backpack.tf profile


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 Paul wrote about the Summer  the other day.

My favorite season is summer; it is my favorite season because I get to sit all day playing on my computer. Not that I do it every day but for longer, I will admit that I am lazy, but it doesn’t bother me because I know I’m lazy and it doesn’t really bother me, I also find playing video games is a very good activity because it helps your reflexes. Since my family is gamer, they don’t mind if I play computer a lot.

Summer is also very warm and I like warmth because I don’t want to be freezing in my own room, which I sometimes am in the summer! I also like summer because we don’t have HOMEWORK!!! Not that I hate homework… well I hate it a tiny bit,  it that I find homework unfair because we have to do 6 hours of school then at home we have to do homework. Isn’t 6 hours already a lot of the day?! Let me get this straight to you, 1 day has 24 hours, our school ends at 2:45 and I get home at about 3:20 and school starts at 8:10 and I go to bed at 9:00 leaving me having school for 1/4th of the day and in some my free time I need to do homework!!! See what I’m saying? So imagine if you have to go to school for 12 hours and your school starts at 10:00 in the morning, you basically have school, do homework, eat and go to bed. Well anyways this is getting of topic.

Link to Paul’s original post

Link to Paul’s site

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